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At My Go To Gal Friday, I build WordPress websites for small business owners like yourself. My name is Mona, and it’s nice to meet you.

In the last 35 years, I have worked in a variety of industries such as Aerospace, Construction, Health Insurance, IT, Tourism and Transportation. I know how most businesses operate so I am not “just nodding my head” when it comes to understanding what you do. I’ve either worked in the same general field or have worked with companies in your general field.

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I’ve been actively designing and launching websites since 2018, however it all started back in 2004 when I built a website for a small construction company. All HTML (which I learned on the fly) and was pretty impressive for no prior code or design skills. I got the website design bug again in 2010 and started designing locally on my computer.

Early 2015, I decided to buy a domain name and build my website. I cheated. I used GoDaddy’s  website builder included with hosting . It was quick, easy to drag and drop, wham – bam – and there you had it – a website.  I learned real quick that this was not the WAY I wanted to build websites.

In 2017, I found that RIGHT WAY. Using a light weight theme, premium visual builder, industry standard plugins for security, e-commerce, SEO and speed optimization allows me maximum customization ability.

My job is creating your website that showcases YOU above your competition. Secure, responsive design, amazing content that focuses on your passion, compelling calls to actions that capture your audiences attention and guides them closer to you.

Need a blog to stay in touch with your audience?

Maybe you want to sell your products online?

Could a members only area be right for you?

Your website can have one or all the above if that  suits your business needs.

Let’s make your website your best online presence!

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