Looks a little overwhelming, right?  Who knew there was this much involved in a website? Did you know that a “One Page” website really isn’t just one page?  A picture can say a thousand words, but Google can’t read them if they are saved on the image. That most visitors won’t wait more than 4 seconds for your content to load before leaving? Are all your links and pages working correctly?

Here at My Go To Gal Friday, I help you create the website that is the best reflection of your business.  Is your website doing it’s job for you? Yes, your website has a job!

Is your content and layout keeping your visitor engaged and looking for more?  Remember the 4 second rule?

Audit My Website


Your website is your online business store front and your visitors 1st impression. Make every word and image COUNT! Having scroll-stopping images and content will bring your customers begging for more.


Maintenance IS NOT updating content. Your website requires updates and backups to keep it up and running smoothly.  Sometimes technology doesn’t always work the way we want it to. It’s important to have a have a maintenance schedule to stay to up to date.